Doctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist Son

I could not resist the cover of Martin Booth's "Doctor Illuminatus"!  The bright blue bottle, contrasting with the gold toned chancery styled lettering drew me in like a bee to pollen.  The book itself is a mere 192 pages long. The length made it the perfect book for a weekend quick read.

During the blazing hot days of July, in which outside play (gardening for old people like me!) is more health risk then benefit, I decided to take Booth's book for a spin.  The plot moves very quickly and is quite engaging all the way through.  The exposition starts in an old 1500's era English home. The main characters Pip and Tim are teenagers who moved into the home after the family purchased it. The setting is one of old European country side, large gardens, old mystical homes with secret passage ways, and of course, ghosts.  

I won't dive deeper into the plot, but it is essentially a non-wizardry Harry Potter adventure.  Pip and Tim must help the Alchemist's son defeat an evil villain from the past. Thus, if you enjoy Harry  Potter series, I suggest trying Booth's "Alchemist Son" series.