Let Your Mind Run

I have to admit, this by far was my favorite book to read this summer!  It's a nonfiction memoir by Olympian medalist Deena Kastor.  This book is obviously about running and a runner's life, but readers of Kastor's memoir will become benefactors of a much larger gift then just some running mind mojo.  Readers will be walked down a road of one woman's changing goals, personal beliefs, attitudes, and heartaches. The ups and downs of her life, not dramatized in any way, shape who she is today.  

What I took away from this book was a deeper understanding of what it meant to be grateful in difficult situations.  Kastor shows that is is naturally human to hate what you are good at doing.  To change from hatred to acceptance and then eventually embrace consistent pursuit of mastery of that skill.   Kastor's story takes you into the mind of an elite athlete, and easily replicable to anyone who focus is narrow and improvement is the goal, showing you what self-doubt, sabotage, and resurrection from failure looks like. Thinks like.  Acts like.  At the same time there is so much deep goodness written, the stories are not drawn out or tightly detailed to make the reader forget what her point was.  

Kastor's book is motivating.  At then end, you will feel ready to take on any challenge and own it's battles. 

Ann Abell