Things Not Seen

This review really excites me because this will be one of the books my homeroom will get a chance to read this year.  Since our school had a class set of "Things Not Seen" by Andrew Clements, I decided to read it this summer. In all honesty, I was hesitant at first because of the description on the back cover.  Luckily, this book reminded me to not judge a book by it's cover or summary. :)

The plot starts with the main character, Bobby Philips, waking up one day and being invisible.  This is a huge bonus point for Clements, because he doesn't slowly drift into Bobby being invisible but immediately begins the story here.  I liked that, since most books' exposition slowly lead up to the main problem and sometimes a reader must get past two or three chapters before the story line picks up pace. Not this book. Right from Chapter 1, the book and story line is focused around Bobby's invisible body.   

Take a moment and think about what most people would do if they where invisible.  Yup, Bobby does it. Walk the streets, freezes cold, breaks into offices, and yes, he is terrible scared that this is his life forever.  The entire story is about Bobby and his family trying to find a solution to his invisibility. Because, the DMV is not going to give an invisible boy his driver's license!  

A welcoming addition to the plot is Bobby's new friend Alicia.  If it wasn't for Bobby's unpredictable problem, he would have never met Alicia and his life would never have been the same.  

It's a great story line and I am excited my homeroom will be reading it this year!

Ann Abell