Mrs Hagan's Class

Our Reading Goals

We will perform thoughtful close reading using critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details or patterns in order to develop a deep, precise understanding of the text's form, craft, and meaning.


Daily Reading Practice 

Students will be using a combination of informational and fiction text to practice close reading.  Close reading skills require a minimum of 3 reads per text.  While the majority of this is accomplished in class, students can expect daily reading with questions as homework. 


Nonfiction Close Reading Steps:

1. Ask “What surprised me?” then highlight your answers in the text.

This could include..

  • New information
  • Really? (Suspicious  information)
  • Clarifying information (Oh I get it!)
  • A different perspective

2. Ask “What did the author already think I knew ?” then highlight your answers in the text.

This could include…

  • Vocabulary
  • I don’t understand or can’t visualize what the author is saying


3. Ask “What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I already knew?” then highlight your answers in the text.

This could include…

  •     Something you disagree/ agree  with.
  •     A connection you made with the text.


Greek & LatinRoots.png

Vocabulary Words

All words are distributed to students on Monday.  Each day, a portion of the vocabulary packet is due.  There are reviews over each section Tues - Friday. Vocabulary final homework and quizzes are on Mondays. 

First Week.png

Updated! First Week Goals 

The first week of school your student has the following homework in addition to vocabulary:

-Close read the student handbook

-Set up binder & interactive notebook

-Complete a one paragraph in the instructed format about themselves. 


Unit 1 - Growth Mindset

The first unit we will be covering is growth mindset.  This will be a short unit to introduce the student to their learning styles and what it takes to overcome challenges with super-strong mental powers!